Simple Meander:

This is usually hand guided and is a random curvey less dense all over patten.

Edge to Edge (Pantograph):

Edge to edge is performed by utilizing a digital quilt pattern that is sized to achieve the proper density and is quilted into the quilt top by our Statler Stitcher computer controlled longarm machine. There are hundreds of patterns available from many pattern creators.


Please make sure that your batting and backing are 4 inches larger than your quilt top on all 4 sides.

Please square up your backing and make sure it is 4 inches larger on all sides after it is squared.

There will be a $10.00 charge for squaring up the backing.

Pricing Estimates:  

Edge to Edge and Meandering:

The estimate for performing quilting is determined by the square inch at the rates below.

To get a rough idea of the price to quilt your quilt just multiply the length X the width X the rate below.

Minimum charge $40.00

  • $0.0150      Large basic meandering
  • $0.02        Simple edge to edge designs
  • $0.025      Complicated edge to edge design.
  • $0.030        Edge to edge with one border


Unless the quilt is very large the minimum charge of $40.00 will apply.

Semi- Custom Quilting:

$0.03 to $0.04 per square inch.  Call to discuss.

Custom Quilting:

Please call or meet to discuss.  The price can very greatly depending on size and complexity.

T - Shirt Quilts:

Standard T - Shirt quilts are priced $25.00 per block. The customer supplies the shirts and we supply everything else.  Included is the interfacing, sashing, borders, batting and backing, simple meandering quilting, and binding.

Custom Quilting:

Custom quilting is achieved by utilizing several digital designs placed in specific areas and stitched into the quilt top by our Statler Stitcher. The quilting may include unique borders and some free motion hand work. 

Semi - Custom Quilting:

Semi - custom quilting is achieved by fitting digital patterns to better fit your quilt top patchwork.

See examples to right.